Elbow Valley Interior & Exterior Painting

Cal-Res is experienced in renewing exterior wood finishes

This project presented a couple of challenges to our team; namedly the cedar posts at the front of the house had been damaged by a previous contractor who had been careless with a power washer and raised the grain of the wood paired with mildew blackening the wood in some areas. We power sanded to remove damage and prior product which had not adhered well previously, this included a random orbit sander and a 60 grit and then a 120 grit sand paper. It took nearly 40 hours of preparation to remove the damage. Cedar was then treated with Sikkens Cetol 1 and then two applications of Cetol 23+.

The interior challenges were a large vaulted ceiling that could not be sprayed as the home was being inhabited while the work was being completed. We addressed this by having three painters simultaneously rolling the ceiling with Sherwin Williams CHB ceiling paint. As you can see the result was a success.